Enjoying the Ultimate Satisfaction of Vacation at Niagara Falls

It is widely known that Niagara Falls has been a source of inspirations for many authors, artists, travelers, visitors, and even business practitioners. It’s exotic and magical beauty has attracted millions of people to come every year.

Niagara Falls-based great paintings, books, novels, and even movies have been produced. Now, its natural attractiveness has been manifested into a fruitful source of business activities. Niagara Falls has been a classy and exclusive tourist destination around which many tourism-supporting businesses are rapidly growing to coddle the visitors with a range of activities, including Niagara Falls sight-seeing. Many boat rentals are available for those who want to take a boat tour to enjoy the exotic and majestic nature around.

Despite its original attractiveness as a nature of beauty, Niagara Falls is currently surrounded by commercial activities. It’s been just like a spot of sugar surrounded by thousands of ants. Now, whatever you want, you can get around Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls hotels are among the tourist facilities that offer the visitors with a wide variety of choices and packages. The visitors who come in individual, in the pair, or in a group with family are provided with flexibility to choose the accommodation that fits their taste and budget. Hotels ranging from affordable prices to luxurious hotels provide the visitors with the privacy, comfort, and convenience they had never been before.

In terms of accommodation, hotels around Niagara Falls usually offer a number of packages, by which the visitors can choose the type of services, the length of time, as well as the type of activities they want to have during their visit. One night or two-night Niagara Falls packages; summer packages for family outdoor and sight-seeing activities; relax, refresh, and romance packages for those who want to get a higher degree of privacy with their loved one, casino packages for those who want to enjoy the excitement of gambling game around Niagara, Niagara scenic tour packages for adventurous individuals, kids packages, and valentine packages are among the available packages.

Skiing holidays Europe

Those who like going skiing are in a lucky situation because there are lots of destinations they can choose from. It is not just Canada or the Asian countries they can visit, but also Europe. There are all kinds of agencies offering ski holiday deals to Europe and most of them are good deals. It is also a good chance to take a look into this continent’s culture and diversity. Let’s see what kinds of destinations are waiting for the visitors in Europe.

Europe is lots of tourists’ destination during the whole year. This is because of its famous cities, the great mountains, and beaches that people can go to. It has a lot to offer for those who would like to visit it. Those who are thinking about going to this continent for skiing holidays have lots of varieties, as well. Europe has more countries that are among the favorite destinations all over the world. Let’s just take for example Italy, Austria, France, Andorra or even Switzerland. These are the favorite destinations, but today almost all the countries here have destinations for the ski lovers. The wide variety is what makes Europe preferred because here everybody can find its own destination, the one that is proper for him or her considering the budget he or she has and the facilities that would like to be found and experienced during the holidays. There are all kinds of resorts for the visitors taking into consideration their level of skiing abilities.

The accommodation in the European countries’ resorts is just like in Canada or anywhere else, but those who would like to live on high standards can easily find the proper hotels. There are lots of agencies offering good deals o those who would like to visit Europe and have a wonderful skiing holiday there. The prices are varying depending on what the person or family would like to get when they get to the destination. The agencies and hotels have usually websites, as well. Those who are interested can take a look at them and choose from the wide variety. Among the mentioned destination, today other countries are becoming popular and they are perfect for those who have a lower budget, but not just, since these countries are having all kinds of offers, like Slovenia, Romania, Norway, Sweden, Spain, and Bulgaria.

Going on a skiing holiday in Europe has never been easier. Today there are lots of agencies offering good deals to the destinations in Europe and all of them should be tried out.


Cusco Accommodation Where to stay in Cusco

If there’s one thing that Cusco is not short of, its accommodation. There are several hotels and hostels on just about every street, and I would guess that within the main tourist center of Cusco there are well over a hundred hotels and hostels (it certainly seems like that anyway). Cusco accommodation comes in many varieties and suits all types of travel budgets. Here’s an overview of the kind of accommodation you can expect to find in Cusco.

Budget hostels

At the lower end for people on a really tight budget (hello backpackers!), you can find some really cheap hostels for as little as $5 a night. Facilities at this kind of hostels will be incredibly basic and you’ll be lucky to get a warm shower at price. You probably won’t find any of the really cheap hostels on the online hostel booking sites, so you’ll need to be in Cuzco itself to find these types of places.

Quality Hostels

For people who can’t afford hotels (or just prefer the social aspect of hostels) but still want a comfortable place with decent facilities, there are some really good quality hostels in Cusco, often with private rooms available if you don’t want to sleep in a dorm. Expect to pay around $15 a night at the better hostels.

Budget Hotels

Next up the accommodation ladder are the budget hotels which cost anything from around $15 to $40 a night. Most of the online hotel booking sites don’t list the budget hotels, and the best place to find a room for this kind of price is probably in Cusco itself. The budget hotels are usually clean and comfortable and more than adequate for most travelers.

Mid-priced Hotels

There are a lot of mid-price hotels in Cusco that cost in the region of $45 to $150 per night. At this kind of price, you’re going to experience quite a lot of luxury in a place like Cusco.

Luxury Hotels

If you like to travel in style and money’s no object then there are some very exclusive and luxurious hotels in Cusco. Probably the most well know is Hotel Monasterio which is a 5-star hotel and is positioned right in the middle of Cusco’s tourist center. Expect to pay over $500 a night at this rather exclusive establishment!

Apartments in Cusco

If you intend to stay several weeks or more then the best value accommodation is probably an apartment. There are many apartments available to rent in Cusco that you can rent for as little as a week. The San Blas area is probably the best place to find an apartment in Cusco.

Staying with families

If you really want to immerse yourself in Peruvian culture and also improve your Spanish then there are also many opportunities to live with Peruvian families in Cusco. There are many Spanish Schools in Cusco that can arrange for you to live with a family.

Woljong Temple Stay


Brad doesn’t make too many site seeing demands in Seoul.  We’ve taken a few walks to get some photos on his request but that’s about it.  For over a year now he’s been suggesting we find a Korean Buddhist temple and spend a night there.  Many temples around Seoul offer courses on Buddism, lantern-making classes, cooking classes, etc.  But Brad harped on and on for a year about going outside of Seoul to a temple in the mountains and spending the night there.

We’re down to about 35 days left in Seoul and he finally made me go.  It’s a cold January in Korea this year and I was not excited to sleep in an old temple, and wake up at 3:45 a.m. to meditate and go to a morning temple service.

We took a bus from Dong Seoul Terminal to Jinbu in Gangwan province.  It was a small town that had signs anticipating the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games in 2018.  There was also a trout festival last weekend.  At least Brad didn’t make me go to that.

Kahului met us at the temple and showed us to our rooms.  It had beautiful sliding doors and heated flooring. That was a plus. We dressed in the temple clothes. (Think chain gang attire)She showed us to a room with 30 other Koreans dressed similarly and we listened to some etiquette about walking around the temple grounds.

Next, we all made lanterns.  Dinner was vegan. Boiled potatoes with soy sauce and bibimbap.  I saw some Choco pies back in the kitchen but didn’t want to be the only one to ask for them.

After dinner, we walked around the grounds and had tea with a monk who answered some questions about temple life and buddha’s teachings. Next we al rang the giant two-meter bell across from the main Buddha hall. Bedtime was a responsible 9 p.m. Which worked well because we were woken by a monk banging a gong at 3:45 a.m.  We proceeded to a morning service in the main temple and bowed 108 times.  Next, we threaded 108 beads on a prayer bracelet.  I haven’t done so many arts and crafts in one day since elementary school. We mediated with some monk. We did some community work cleaning the pathways which were already spotless. Walk in the fir tree forests that surrounds the temple grounds. Breakfast was the same as dinner, which would be the same as lunch. Cleaned up. Walked to the nun’s quarters and caught a cab to the bus station.